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General Dentistry


A good dentist is an important factor to having strong, healthy teeth. Located in downtown Austin, TX, you’ll be glad to know that our facilities are modern, professionally designed and welcoming making each visit one that’s relaxing and enjoyable for all of our patients.

Dr. Tejas Patel and his wonderful dental team are always friendly and do what they can to make patients as comfortable as possible every time they visit the office. Whether you’re in for a regular cleaning or getting more elaborate cosmetic procedures done, you can rest assured and know that you’re in good hands.

Lakeway Smiles provides an array of comfortable dental treatments for everyone; Dr. Patel has extensive knowledge and experience dealing with patients of all ages and family.

Best is a quick overview of the many dental services Lakeway Smiles provides.

Tooth Fillings

When you have a tooth that’s been affected by tooth decay or cavities, or maybe you’ve experienced an accident that caused damage to a few teeth, tooth fillings are a solution to strengthening and repairing the tooth. They’re also used for filling in gaps between teeth. The filling acts like a bond and protects teeth from future decay.

Tooth Extractions

If you’re experiencing ongoing problems with a tooth then you might consider a tooth extraction. If a tooth is infected, weak, or beyond repair then extracting it and replacing it with a dental implant may be one of the best options.

Sleep Apnea

Dr. Patel is also trained in helping patients who suffer from snoring and mild sleep apnea. Dental treatments for sleep apnea involves the use of a dental appliance such as SomnoDent ® MAS. Patients wear it to bed which helps to minimize the symptoms of OSA.

Dental Implants

If you’d recently undergone a tooth extraction or have lost teeth in the past, then dental implants can restore the beautiful aesthetics of your once complete smile. The results are natural looking and permanent.

Full Mouth Rehabilitation

For those who have less than perfect smiles that might include overbites, underbites, chipped or worn teeth, or misshapen teeth, a full mouth rehabilitation has the ability to create a beautiful and comfortable smile once again. It combines the science of cosmetic dentistry and neuromuscular dentistry for results you won’t be able to stop smiling about.

Cosmetic Dentures

The loss of teeth is an inevitable reality for some people, and this can be the cause of periodontal disease, insufficient dental health care, other types of decay and infection as well as injuries and accidents. If you’re missing off all of your teeth restore your teeth with cosmetic dentures or with dental implants. Lakeway Smiles offers the following best denture options for your family:

  • Partial Dentures
  • Dental Flipper
  • Full Dentures
  • Conventional Dentures
  • Immediate Full Dentures
  • Implant Supported Dentures

TMJ Treatment

Sometimes the teeth aren’t the underlying cause of pain and discomfort but rather the misalignment of the jaw joints. TMJ treatments works to realign the jaw joints once again which can solve the occurrence of symptoms such as tinnitus (or ringing of the ear), frequent headaches and migraines, neck pain, locking jaw and more.

Dental Emergencies

Whenever dental emergencies arise, our office will accommodate you as soon as possible. If you think you have a dental emergency then contact us right away to prevent the more extensive problems and to relieve you r discomfort.


Crowns also help to protect, strengthen and repair decayed or damaged teeth. They act as a permanent bond cover for the tooth and functions the same way as your natural teeth. Dental crowns come in porcelain, gold, or a mixture of porcelain and metal materials.


If you’re needing a permanent replacement for one or more missing teeth, then a bridge is a viable option. Bridges are made of artificial teeth that’s held in place by two crowns, one on each end of the neighboring teeth. For the most natural looking results, porcelain bridges are the best option.

Dental Hygiene

Good dental hygiene is very important and not only to the health of your teeth, but also to your oral and overall health as well. Dr. Patel and his team not only treat your dental health but they also teach you proper dental health care that you can implement in your daily routines. This includes daily flossing, brushing and regular dental checkups.

Family Dentistry

You’re never too young to start establishing healthy dental health habits. With expertise and knowledge in all the stages of dental health, Dr. Patel is dedicated to maintaining good oral health care from children all the way to the elderly. If you and your family live in or near downtown Austin then make Lakeway Smiles your family dentistry.

Don’t Delay Your Best Smile Any Longer

Here at Lakeway Smiles, we work closely with our patients, answering questions, explaining procedures step by step, and continually reassuring them along the way so that they can have the best dental experience possible. We accept most PPO dental insurance and also offer flexible payment plans that fit our patients’ budgets. We make quality care affordable so you can get of the best smile that you’ve always wanted.

Dr. Patel and his team some of the top dental healthcare providers in Austin Texas and you can expect quality, professional service every time you walk through our doors. Make an appointment today and get a free consultation on your visit.

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